Do you feel as free as the wind? Modern amenities have created the amazing ability for human beings to travel more than ever before. Nomadic living, travel culture, and location independence are the backbone of not only modern life, but modern business principles too. It has been a great equalizer on many fronts to be able to engage digitally with just about anyone, from anywhere.

The idea that you can live your life and adapt your work and business life to suit, regardless of location – without the need to be anchored to a brick-and-mortar construction – is not only appealing to millions of people, but has also changed their way of life and the way they do business – for the better.


We have a lot in common with our audience. Firstly, like you, we are passionate about being location independent. We understand the freedom it creates and the challenges it presents, all of which we embrace and internalize in our designs. We channel our experience and love of the digital nomad into all of our work to construct designs that are not only created to reflect your identity, but are also an expression of the nomadic nature of modern life.

Our online store was born from a desire to match our business to our lifestyle, as many of our remote work clients have done. Carving out your own destiny in a digital world can be many things: Daunting, necessary, exciting, life-changing. You can transform your world through a digital landscape while exploring the physical setting of the world. Nothing is stopping you. And our designs are made to honor that.

Our Mission

The Locind team is dedicated to creating bespoke designs that honor the journey and values our clients represent. We are committed to the highest level of service and thrive on adapting our efforts to better meet the expectations and requirements of making premium apparel, home & living, and accessories. Browse through our products and explore, then let us know which piece is best suited to your nomad life. Our products are designed to help you best express your life!